Ceramics-preparing to scale up

Hello all, to start off with here are the fired pieces of work from my last set of experimentation:

Now that each piece is fired I can take the joint testing works and put them together, as shown:

After putting these pieces together I have realised that I really like using the holes and wire; the duality of two materials works really well in my opinion and the gaps in between bring another angle into this work. I think the sticks and loops haven’t worked very well, the pieces aren’t joined rigidly enough.

I also started making another joint testing piece using holes in the width and pegs to place into the holes, as shown:


Once I made this I then waited for it to dry out and be fired. Here is the fired version:

I feel that the shrinkage between tiles for this tester wasn’t too bad, however all of the holes poked in the sides were slightly different shapes and sizes due to shrinkage. I tried to make ‘pins’ to fit into each hole by rolling up small lengths of paper and wedging them into each set of holes. However the paper wasn’t a strong enough medium to hold the weight of both tiles. Therefore, at least for now I will dismiss this method of joining as it’s too difficult to make ‘pins’ that fit and hold the tiles.

Next I wanted to figure out roughly what shape and size I want my scaled up piece to be so I made two foam templates to have a play with the size and form. I did this by sewing a length of metal wire into the base of the foam and bending it loosely into different shapes. The pictures of this experimentation are shown below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided that I like the larger sized cut out and I like form 5 the most which resembles a zigzag shape. I decided to try and make this shape as it will be easier to make than a curved piece as I can make each section flat but introduce the zigzag shape by the way I join each tile with the metal wire.

From here I will start making this larger piece of work.


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