Ceramics- experimentation continued….

Although I have made a few different forms of 3D shadow casts I want to keep experimenting with forms so that I know the final forms I choose will be the right ones to use. I have made these pieces in the same way as the others; using slab clay, cross hatching sections together etc….

This is a far smaller version of a full body shadow that I drew from one of my models. With this small piece I wanted to experiment with the curve of the body shape.

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Here are a mixture of other bodily forms, shown below:

With this piece I wanted to see the effect that layering up three identical layers (of different thicknesses) on each other but at an angle and with curves added in on the top.

I also wanted to explore the ways that one of my fired compilations could be displayed, I made each layer with a few holes poked through so I could experiment with hanging them but unfortunately I didn’t make the holes big enough and as the clay shrunk in the kiln they did not poke all the way through. I tried to poke a needle through them but it was no use…..

I decided instead to place small pieces of foam in-between each layer to see if the ‘contour’ look had any merit with gaps in-between. I positioned the foam pieces so that each gap was larger than the last in order to see which gap size was best suited. Through doing this you can see that each layer isn’t perfectly flat and I think that perhaps it looks a little too scruffy.

Now that I have completed some further experimentation I think I am confident in which forms I want to portray on a larger scale. Next is figuring out how to scale a piece of work up……


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