University of Chichester

Hello all, this is a post about my own experience of life at Chichester Uni and the course I’m on.

I am currently doing an Undergraduate degree in Fine Art with Sculpture. I had chosen to specialize in Sculpture before I started at this uni as this is my preferred area of practice. The great thing about this course is that you can flick between mediums. If you’re doing general Fine Art you don’t necessarily need to classify yourself as just one thing e.g. “I’m a painter, sculptor, textiles artist”. In the first year of the degree the work you’re set is quite directed to bring you up to scratch in terms of your physical practice but also so you’re mentally capable of understanding your own art practice, why people work in the way that they do, what being an artist means and also how to read others work and understand it in more depth. In the second and third year it’s much more student lead work- you can expand your own practice from that point onwards. They allow you to do a lot of physical work as you only get set one piece of written work (presentations and essays) per semester, this is far less than you will find on other Art courses so if you’re not keen on written work this might be the course for you!

As you may or may not know this is known as a teaching and Sports university, there are courses in other things too such as Theatre, Music etc. The great thing about being at a Sports uni is the societies, there are tonnes of sports societies that run regularly here e.g. I’m a member of the Adventure Sports society- I go Climbing in the on campus bouldering area, Kayaking sessions are available, also surfing, windsurfing and occasionally other things. This is just one society!

In terms of Chichester as a place to live I would say it’s quite a quiet place as it’s not a very big city, however there are still things to do here-you won’t get bored! There are loads of Pubs and Restaurants in the town centre. There’s also a Bowling Ally, Cinema, Gyms and a fair few Art galleries.

The Cathedral is also a great place to visit, it’s full of Holy Art works, beautiful stained Glass windows, funny features and it has a huge garden section behind it. Here are a few photos:

Chichester is great because you can find any landscape pretty easily, town center is great for shops and old buildings, you’re a short walk away from the Canal and also some lake systems with magnificent wildlife variation. Brighton and London are a short trip on the train-great for the odd day out! There are also several beaches just a short bus or train ride away e.g. West Witterings beach, Bognor Regis, Portsmouth and Southsea etc……

The rooms in Halls of residence are really decent too! If you put this uni as your top choice on your UCAS form the uni will guarantee you a place in Halls. Here’s a photo of my bedroom from first year (Mainline):

Things I would have liked to have known before starting here:

  • The housing market is expensive here
  • It’s a quiet area- if you like the big city I would go somewhere else
  • The Campus is small but it’s easier to meet people when there’s fewer people
  • The sports facilities are fantastic!
  • It’s really easy to book tutorials if you need help- in London Universities tutorials are far more over-subscribed.
  • There are no nightclubs in Chichester- there are loads of pubs though!
  • The uni runs shuttle buses at night so if you go to the SU (Student Union) you can get home easily and safely
  • The Students Union is really cheap and it runs loads of themed nights per week (Evolve Mondays, WISHIE Wednesdays, karaoke nights etc)
  • The crime rate in Chichester is really low.
  • There’s a really great level of student support e.g. if you have learning or mental health difficulties.

I hope this has helped if you were considering coming to Chichester University.


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