Studio- 3D transcription experimentation

Hello all, just to recap this is a post of my experimentation work following on from a previous post on my old blog ( I have previously drawn round the edges of peoples shadows and I am now attempting to transcribe these 2D drawings into a sculptural form. This experimentation is shown below.

At first I tried to make a 3D object using thin metal galvanized wire, I felt that this went badly, although it gave me an idea of what to try next.

I attempted to make two wire layers of outlines of shadow drawings- then I thought I could do the same in Clay to make it appear as contours. This is shown below:

Stage 1: Traditional style contours


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I cut out the drawings and took photos of them and printed them out smaller. I then placed the small cut out onto the rolled clay and cut out each layer making each one smaller and smaller and therefore adding in new layers of distortion. I then joined each layer by cross hatching both sides and painting slip onto them, then placing the layers together and wiggling them so the grooves sit together. I then touched it up with a bit of slip.

I quite liked the visual effect this produced and I’m thinking of making more.

Stage 2: Separate layers

I made layers in the same way as above but I chose to keep each layer separate so that when fired I can experiment with the display of them. I also placed small holes in each layer so I could hang them if need be. The process I went through to make these is shown below:

Stage 3: Curly cut outs

I wondered what both of these shapes would look like if they were entirely rolled up, so I made one of each and rolled them, as shown.

I wasn’t that keen on how the rolled head looked but I thought the rolled hand looked really interesting; you can imagine the hand coming alive and rolling itself into that form!

Stage 4: Blended contour

Next I wanted to try a contoured piece like the first one shown, but with the edges blended in so it didn’t look as staggered. This process is shown below:

I really liked this outcome, I asked a few people their opinions and they said this one seems a lot more fleshy and creepy than the others. I think if I was to pursue this method of making I would like to try a mixture of body shapes using this technique and the first perhaps.

Stage 5: Curving 

Once I had made all of these contoured pieces I suddenly realised how generally flat they are so I thought I would make each layer separately again but add slightly more shape to them and also make them so they will stand up. In order to do this I would have to cut each layer slightly differently as one side would have to be straight in order to stand. This is shown below:

Once I had made this five piece work I thought it would look great on a huge scale. I also like the fact that each angle gives you a different idea about what the work represents/is about.

After a few days of my first Clay piece drying out I decided to use it as a mould for an idea I had. I had seen previously someone heating up some synthetic material draped over an upside down bowl with a heat gun; the material melted and became solid and rigid once it had cooled. I wanted to try this same process using my clay work as a mould rather than a bowl, this is shown here.

I tried this process with as many different samples of synthetic material possible but unfortunately none of them quite captured the level of detail that I was after. Perhaps I need a specific type of fabric or perhaps the mould was too complicated for this process.

I then thought about contouring using thick corrogated cardboard instead of Clay, afterall its a lot cheaper and less labour intensive.

I tried cutting out the hand with a knife but I found it too difficult to cut it out in a precise and professional way. Therefore I’m not going to continue with this material.

Now I’ve tried these methods of experimentation I think I would like to continue with some of the methods I have used in Clay but on a larger scale and with a wider range of drawings- this means I will have to pull more models in!

Please stay posted….. ta!


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